The Pew Internet Report has recently released that a lot of teenagers do use social-networking sites like mySpace, but that a lot of them are pretty sensible about it. They don’t put personal information widely public, which most people agree is a bad idea. In fact, most teenagers that use social networks don’t even use them to flirt.

mormon teenagersTeens usually say that they use these sites to maintain and make friendships. School friends move away, for example, and this is a way to keep in touch.

Like all things online, though, we should always be careful about what we say and how much information we decide to give out. Don’t give out your phone number or address online, for example — this is basic net knowledge. And Mormons do think we should be careful about how we find our friends — making friends online rather than offline can be pretty isolating, even if you’re not giving out personal information.

But these kind of sites can be good for Mormon missionary work. In a way, this site is bearing testimony to the truth of the gospel. Why not bear testimony on your blog, for example?

Read the full report here:

Pew Internet Report

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