Most of us will probably not have the opportunity to save fifteen people (single-handedly) from a flaming building, a sinking ship . . . well, name it. We might be ready to dive in at the first hint of trouble. We might dream of heroism of one kind of another. I know I do. And there are big things we can do (that don’t require impromptu disasters). We can make a difference by going on a mission, by travelling to other countries, other states, or even just part of town to do humanitarian work. There will always be the poor, the sick, the orphaned and the lonely. Sometimes, they’re our neighbors. Mormons believe we can make a difference just by looking around and discovering each other’s needs.

Mormon MissionariesSo service is always important. And so is standing for what you believe. Not everyone can be official Mormon missionaries–especially not when they’re teenagers. But when you stand for what you believe is true, no matter what others think, you stand as an example of your beliefs. You make them part of yourself. And you may find people admire you for it.
“When I was in South America, the young women and their leaders sang, ‘I’m Trying to Be like Jesus’ (see Children’s Songbook, 78). They not only sang the words, but they meant it. In Asia and India, young women are examples of faith, modest dress, and purity. Their eyes shine and they are happy. The young women in England, Ireland, and Wales are standing for truth and righteousness in their schools. In an ever-darkening world, they are making a difference. Some of you are the only members in your family or your school. You are making a difference. You are leading in righteous ways.”

(Elaine S. Dalton, “It Shows in Your Face,” Ensign, May 2006, 110)

(From Youth Gems)

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