“You live in a time of great challenges and opportunities. As spirit sons [and daughters] of heavenly parents, you are free to make the right choices. This requires hard work, self-discipline, and an optimistic outlook, which will bring joy and freedom into your life now and in the future.” (Dieter F. Uchtdorf, “See the End from the Beginning,” Ensign, May 2006, 42)

Mormon PrayerWhen I was about fourteen, I had an interview with my Mormon bishop, who explained to me that as I made correct choices, I would have more options for my future, but if I made bad choices, my options would become more and more limited. Some think that taking the greatest advantage of freedom means making whatever wrong choices you want, but the truth is that every wrong choice limits freedom in some way. Even choosing not to study can limit what colleges you get into!

Freedom and agency, Mormons believe, are two of the greatest gifts God has given to man. I have found it to be true that every correct choice I’ve made has given me freedoms, while wrong choices have taken them away. Repentance, however, is always an option, and it brings freedom to captives. In times when we are unworthy or burdened by sin and the consequences of bad decisions, we can turn to Jesus Christ; we can repent of our sins and forsake them. The choice to repent will allow Christ to give us uncountable blessings and guide us to make correct choices and receive more freedoms. Freedom is not free-agency was given to us by God, and the savior’s atonement gave us the freedom to always repent and be forgiven. We have to guard our freedom and treasure it by using it wisely.

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